• Tech50 - Most valuable Tech company

    • CNB Technologies are the market leaders in container yard management solutions, who are dedicated to deliver high-quality, smart and secure products to their customers worldwide. CNB posses a strategic position in the value chain, with their innovative...

      Posted Date : 28-Dec-2015
      Posted In : Insights Success

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  • Best Startup in Enterprise Software (Top 20)

    • Despite being one of the vital segments for any country’s economy, barely anyone from enterprise software industry is seriously concentrating on the port & shipping domain and hence it requires hefty revamping to eradicate the inefficiency in the system. 

      Posted Date : 07-Dec-2015
      Posted In : StartupCity

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  • Startup of the year 2014

    • C&B Electronics is selected as startup of the year for 2014 by Silicon India and covered extensively on the the growing market for container yards in India.

      Posted Date : 01-Dec-2014
      Posted In : Silicon India

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  • APM Terminals Inland Services implements RFID base

    • APM Terminals Inland Services implements RFID enabled container tracking solution and CFS management software to enhance its Customer Services. These technologies offer agility and flexibility for the company to manage operations.

      Posted Date : 01-Mar-2013
      Posted In : Maritime Gateway

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