Rajesh Kumar, CEO

Rajesh, an IIT Kanpur graduate, is the co-founder of C and B Electronics Pvt Ltd. He has spent more than a decade understanding Maritime industry and its niche logistics sector in great detail. While working closely with major players in the sector, he has developed a larger picture of the business process, not only limited to operations but also encompassing the upcoming trends of the business. He has been instrumental in innovations at CNB, suiting exact industry requirements and supplements the same with his immense know how of the modern age technologies like RFID, AI and BigData analytics. Mr Rajesh is unique in his ability to understand requirements of clients and meeting the same by shaping it in form of the our infallible products. Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur, in various domains spreading Indian start-up spectrum. He is an avid reader, global traveller and a sportsman by soul.

His motto “Let’s bring technology to use”

Nitin Sirohi, COO

Nitin, an IIT Kanpur graduate, had cofounded C and B Electronics Pvt. Ltd. with an aim to automate the logistics sector, wherein the idea was to handle operational inefficiencies by utilizing latest technologies. He is a techie at soul and an innovator by passion, who has given life to the concept product of the company. His zeal for technology has made him research and master hardware, software and integration aspect of the two, finally giving the perfect shape to the product which works flawlessly under all circumstances. He has been instrumental in bringing in new product range in the company, be it IoT based platform for container yards, AI based Gate automation system or introducing big data analytics in planning. Along with technical knowhow, Nitin is also credited with handling operational issues, which is the key to the success of CNB. He is a great admirer of nature and undertakes exploratory trips to nature, and is a sportsman by instinct.

His motto “There is always a solution”

Ran Vijay Kumar, CTO

Ran Vijay, an IIT Kanpur graduate, comes with a vast 16 years of international experience in enterprise product development. He joined the bandwagon of innovators in 2015, and since then has been an integral part of the team. He has been instrumental in bringing the structured concept of product and solution development to CNB and has revamped the products line making it user friendly and intuitive. Ran Vijay mentors a team of exceptionally talented developers and motivates them for developing the unique products at the company. He is a music lover and has been a part of several bands during his college as well as during professional life.

His motto “It can be done”

Abhishek Singh, CFO

Abhishek Singh, a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA, brings 16 years of experience in business finance, accounting and auditing. He is responsible for CNB’ financial strategy, forecasting, budgeting and capital planning. He has rich and vast experience in end to end handling of big ticket PEB (pre-engineered buildings) business. Abhishek also handles the complete supply chain at CNB, which includes sourcing new components, and ensures deliveries on or before time. Abhishek is a sportsman and also an ardent believer of alternate medication.

His motto “There are no excuses, only results”

Commandant Manish Kumar, VP (Projects)

Commandant Manish Kumar has served at Indian Coast Guard (ICG) for over a decade and voluntarily took pre-mature retirement on completion of thirteen years of active service. Amongst several of his accolades, he is also one of the renowned and rare hovercraft pilot and trainer. He brings along a proven leadership skill, integrity and discipline, which are at the root of our execution strategy. Presently, he is looking into Projects at Pan India level and is also responsible for high level customer interactions. Manish is a sports enthusiast and a cross country marathoner.

His motto “Performance with passion”

Sanjeev Rana, VP (Branding)

Sanjeev Rana, an IIT Kanpur graduate, is the creative mouthpiece at C and B Electronics. He brings along a life span of creativity and unique ideas. Presently, he is responsible for brand imaging of CNB and also devices marketing strategies. Sanjeev has a knack of presenting ideas in most unique manner, which usually draws applause and attention from all around. He is a music enthusiast and has keen interest in media.

His motto “Make it simple”

Amol Apte, VP (Sales)

Amol Apte is a go getter and has up his sleeves a rich experience of more than 15 years of sales and marketing of automation solutions. It is said that there won’t be a logistics set up in Mumbai which has not been knocked at by Amol. With his serene personality and lucid communication skill, he is very effective in onboarding our clients. Amol is also known for his integrity, who will always deliver what has been promised. He is a theatre personality and is a proud father of a teen Marathi film actor.

His motto “Demand often meets supply, but the trick of trade is in early discovery”

Richard Butcher, Executive Vice President, Overseas Business Development

Mr. Richard Butcher is a global leader in the maritime shipping logistics. He has over 30 years of experience in maritime sector and proven to have involved in garnering several multi million Dollars projects for the companies where he was associated with. He is known for his knowledge in overall marine operations, Commercial feasibility studies and use if latest technology in enhancing various operations, which makes him an excellent sales and business development leader. The cooler side of him has interest in fast cars and excellent wines.

Shekhar Oak, Senior Domain Consultant

Mr. Shekhar oak has a wonderful pedigree in international trade with over 35 years dedicated in ocean freight. Through his experience as a container freight forwarder he has done trade with almost all the major countries across the globe and because of his charming nature he has established good connects all over. As a freight forward he has extensively used the complete container logistics chain from Port till empty depot and has deep knowledge of various shortcomings and improvement scopes associated with it. He is known for frequently partying with who’s who of shipping industry and is a great host himself.

Our Story

CNB is a technical innovator dedicated to logistics sector, transforming the erstwhile manually operated yards into digital smart yards. The company was founded in 2009 by Mr. Nitin Sirohi and Mr. Rajesh Kumar, graduates from IIT Kanpur. The duo Techpreneurs focused on disrupting Logistic sector by introducing modern age tools such as AI and BigData over an IoT platform to optimise yard operations which were erstwhile handled manually. CNB is one of the first companies in the country to introduce low cost passive RFID as Real Time location system. Its cloud-based tracking solution, backed by IoT sensor networks, brings visibility to yard and makes Yard operations automatic, rule-based, efficient and profitable. The company is committed to transform yards smarter, better and faster. The Company provides algorithm enabled location intelligence and planning solutions. CNB’s solutions seamlessly integrate with Yard TOS and is up and running within four weeks, with ROI realization within five month of its installation. Based on its experience in about 50 yards in the country, CNB can assure: Operational savings up to 50% Detention/demurrage savings up to 95%, Management analysis savings up to 95%, Yard check savings up to 50% .CNB is committed to contribute in the Industry 4.0 revolution by automating logistics industry and prepare it for future. It is our endeavour to anticipate future needs of the industry and evolve with most suitable products.



Out of the box and future ready products for industry.


Through constant research and global industry analysis, CNB builds its unique product line.


Questioning the status quo and transforming industry to make it future ready.


We have put our years of experience in identifying the problem areas, foremost of which is accumulation of error free data from the location without any human intervention. We have evolved from creating simple to complex sensors with immense amount of experimentation.

Our R&D activities helped determine the variables for the Products (Hardware) to perform their best 24/7. We then developed the Software to support and integrate the collected data. This resulted into the seamless capturing, planning and timely execution of the logistics (our core strength).

OUR Vision

Bring Safety, Efficiency and Visibility to Cargo Movement

OUR Mission

CNB strive to establish its vision to more than 50% of Indian EXIM cargo by 2020 and hence contributing significantly in raising Indian trade standards. CNB also aims to put a strong foothold in APAC region by 2020.


Rajesh Kumar
Richard Butcher
Executive VP, Overseas BD
Shekhar Oak
Senior Domain Consultant