Hawk-E (Enterprise) is an IoT platform using artificial intelligence and advanced sensors, primarily designed for enterprises that are looking for complete automation with extensive yard planning. It provides a high degree of locational accuracy (to 0.5 m) in tracking movement of containers. Apart from providing locational data, Hawk-E also undertakes yard planning and automatically generates tasks for yard equipment/cranes.

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Only With Hawk-E

Hawk- E is an enterprise solution that has a higher degree of location accuracy besides a path-breaking concept of Gate Automation.

Empower Your Teams With Real-time Visibility

From dock workers to spotters, gate guards and more, using real-time supply chain visibility helps teams make proactive decisions in the field and on the fly.

A Single Source of Truth

Spreadsheets, paper logs and email threads can get tangled and hard to manage. Dynamic Yard unites your teams with one source of data to drive collaboration.

A Key Part of an Integrated Ecosystem

Dynamic Yard is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the CNB platform to give all stakeholders in your supply chain full visibility.

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Hawk-E is feature-packed with everything you need.

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Optimum use of Customised Yard planning

CNB's Hawk-E platform offers tailored yard planning solutions, optimizing space and reducing congestion. By integrating real-time data and predictive analytics, it ensures efficient and dynamic yard management, meeting the unique needs of your operations for maximum productivity.

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Automatic Task allocation to cranes, saving time and energy of the cranes

Hawk-E's automatic task allocation feature optimizes crane operations by intelligently assigning tasks based on real-time data. This ensures efficient use of cranes, reducing idle time and energy consumption, ultimately boosting productivity and operational efficiency.

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Gate Automation Leading to Better Time Management

Hawk-E’s gate automation streamlines entry and exit processes, drastically reducing wait times and improving traffic flow. By automating data capture and validation, it enhances time management, allowing for quicker, more efficient yard operations.

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Pedestrian Safety

Hawk-E prioritizes pedestrian safety with advanced monitoring and alert systems. Utilizing real-time data and smart sensors, it identifies and mitigates potential hazards, ensuring a secure environment for all yard personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartYard™ is a self-sufficient standalone solution for your yard, utilizing IoT and computer vision technology to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

Gate automation uses computer vision backed by ML and AI to provide a seamless gate-in experience, capturing all necessary data for further activities.

Automated yard planning utilizes real-time IoT data and AI-backed models to make optimal decisions, reducing wastage and enhancing overall efficiency.

SmartYard™ provides smoother payment processes, real-time container status updates, and an outstanding user experience with automated cargo clearance and easy online payments.