Connecting Cargo to Its Stakeholders

The mobile application gives a real-time location and other process updates of cargo in transit. The end users such as CI&As, Importers/Exporters and customs can avail complete information about cargo on their fingertips. The platform is compatible with Android as well as iOS environment and is available on Google Play/App store free of cost.

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Key Features

iHawk Features


RTLS for Cargo In-Transit

iHawk™ gives real-time location tracking and complete visibility of cargo at any point of time from port to CFS/ICD.


Real Time Process Status Update

iHawk™ keeps a complete track of processes completed on cargo, and updates the end user about the same on a real-time basis.


Status of Various Documentation

iHawk™ provides a unified platform to exchange data between stakeholders, and maintains a real-time record of the same.


Alerts Regarding Pending Processes

iHawk™ gives real-time visibility to the process status at container yards and ports. In case of any pending process, iHawk generates alerts to concerned agencies and updates all other stakeholders.


Expected Time of Delivery

iHawk™ provides visibility to location, processes, and documentation status of the containers. As an integrated platform, iHawk™ gives an expected time of delivery for containers, which is more than 98% accurate.


Billing Information

Along with process status, iHawk™ also tracks the stage-wise as well as complete billing onto the container/cargo. The stage-wise billing information is updated to the concerned stakeholder.

Advantages of iHawk

Explore the key benefits of using iHawk in your operations.

Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

iHawk™ provides real-time supply chain by enabling real-time updates of cargo in transit to all stakeholders. The end users in sync with iHawk™ will receive instant updates about cargo, enabling timely planning, mitigations, and tracking.



iHawk™ ensures complete transparency in cargo handling and enables visibility to stakeholders. The app’s transparency integrated with various TOSs and IoT with real-time process and other data about cargo, which is instantly available on the endpoint.

Control of Operations

Control of Operations

Due to its instant visibility of accurate data, this standardized and an entirely upgraded command on the stakeholders the process chain. The events are streamlined by the panel and enforced with no chance of erroneous data. The promptness of real-time data ensures no unseen delays; this feature gives better operational control to end-users.

Information Validation

Information Validation

The app provides a unique facility of data validation, where the end users can validate various sets of data/information in one single go, which can be enabled through this collaboration platform.

Billing Information

Billing Information

The app can give reusable billing information to its stakeholders. This feature greatly enables timely control and timing of its engagement, in addition to single value billing information.