SmartGate is first of its kind AI backed gate automation system, it automatically detects container numbers (ISO and non-ISO), ISO codes and detects damages. It does complete survey of containers from all the visible sides at the gate.


SmartGate is very unique solution that is a combination of various matured technologies like image processing, Machine Learning and AI. CNB has developed this solution after analyzing various pain point that a port or container yard faces during its gate operation. Apart from physically identifying the actual gate-in and gate out time, it also enables them to do a true survey of the container through image processing and store the images from all the side to settle the later disputes. It generates valuable data for carriers as well as importers/exporters.


High OCR accuracy

The OCR accuracy of containers are over 95% and with time, the machine learning keeps improving thefinal result.

Container number detection

It detects container number (ISOand non-ISO type) with ISO numbers.

Detects container type

SmartGate detects all container types, general, ODC, tank, hazardous, refrigerated etc., automatically.

Detects Trailer Number

Solution also detects the trailer number and attaches the right trailer with container on which it is being transported.

Automated damage survey

SmartGate captures images of containers from all the directions and does survey to categorizes the damage and stores images with timestamp and location attributes for future use.

Stops fraudulent movement

Solution checks the documentation for the movement with TOS and allows the boom barrier to open only if there is clearance at the backend.

How It Works

Automated Data Capturing

The SmartGate captures the seamless video of the container passing through it on a trailer.The trailer does not have to stop under it. Once the video is captured, solution processes the video and takes the images of all the visible side of the container and store it for further processing.

Image Processing

Once the images are saved with timestampand location attributes, solution processes the images for further information. The container number and trailer numbers are detected. The System also does the complete survey of containers and categorizes them with different damage conditions.

Actionable information

Solution display the container numbers and trailer numbers automatically on the gate-in screen and marry them together for the movement. System also updates various stakeholders with the survey report and movement status. System also verifies with the backend that all the documents related to that movement is in place and accordingly operates the boom barrier.

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