SmartTransport is an integral part of Port-Yard-Ecosystem, that tracks containers while on the move. The real time location of container enables the port and yard with correct ETAs to do advance planning as per the incoming traffic.


SmartTransport™ is a solution developed by CNB, to streamline the transportation of containers between port and yard or yard and importer/exporter or port and exporter/importer. This is an application module where its stakeholder can manage the transport through app that will run on driver’s app. The app based tracking will cover and secure a major block of erstwhile GPS based vehicle tracking system that use to get vandalized. This is one state of an art solution that will enable a perfect real time coordination between transporter, Yard operator and importer/exporter to provide transparency and efficiency in the transportation system.

The benefits of the yard

  • Manage all the transporters though an smart app and allocate jobs based on availability
  • Real time ETA of all the incoming containers for the yard, which will help them to plan their yard in advance
  • Manage the delivery of containers in real time based on the ETA’s of vehicles for pickup

The benefits of the Transporter

  • Real time visibility of all the vehicles going for delivery or pickup
  • Managing all the drivers through a smart app
  • Ensure to reduce empty trailer movement by enabling them to maximise occupancy


Reduce Traffic

By optimizing the trailer movement on the road and inside the port

Asset Unification

By sharing economy of same set of trailers for import and export containers

Increased Visibility

By sharing information about real time movement of containers to concerned stakeholders

How It Works

Job Order creatioN

It starts with the source, weather yard, port, importer/exporter or any other body who want to get the container transported from location A to location B. They get the set of containers that need to be moved and choose a transporter to carry out that Job. It’s an easy to use application where Job can be allocated from a desktop application or even from a mobile application. Here multiple type of Job can be created, and multiple different types of transporters can be engaged.

Transporter engagement

The moment someone creates a job for the transporter, they get a notification with the requirement. Transporter has option to accept or decline the job order; on acceptance they will allocate the trailers to carry out that particular job. Transporter can create their list of vehicle and drivers and on runtime they can allocate drivers for their vehicle, accordingly those drivers will be notified for carrying out that particular job.

Driver’s App

All the drivers need to have SmartTransport App on their smartphone. They receive notification from their transporters to carry out the job. They receive an OTP that they put into the Driver’s app and on doing so, app will navigate themto the location of container pick up. Once they reach the pickup location, they automatically receive the list of containers they need to pick from there, afterwards the application navigate to the destination location. The destination location is also notified with the ETA. Once reaching the destination and dropping the container, Driver automatically receives a list of containers (if any) that need to be picked up from there. That way the application removes the option of empty trailer movement.

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